8th grade football PONDER VS CITY-VIEW HOME GAME

The finale score game out to 36-6 with away time city view taking the win the coaches said ”We cannot have MVP on games we lose, we will have one soon coming up the next game!”.He said better as team they need to work on Comradely, And physically they need to work on conditioning,There passing game could have been a lot better they have the potential to be really good but like I said it just came down to they need to be more in shape. Something¬†that worked really well was there running game with Brandon and Devin a play that is very strong is slot 4 zip and 5 zip where Kannon lines up at full back and lead blocks for the Running backs. To srart the game and the only touchdown was a unfortunately, the opening drive was the only possession the 8th grade team scored on. On a 4th down play we ran a double pass, where the QB throws it to Kannon, and then he threw it to a wide open receiver, Hayden.¬†