2022 7th Grade Football Recap

Scout Wilson, John Brooks, and Liam Long

The 7th grade football season was filled with mixed emotions. They started 5-0,they thought they were on top of the world. 


Until they lost one of their best players, Caden Alred, due to a broken arm. Although he is currently recovering from his injuries for his later sports, he won’t be able to play football for the foreseeable future of the season.

 Of course, there are other players that are important to the team’s structure.


 Some of which are Henry, who plays left tackle, Blane and Luke, who are also both Quarterbacks (Luke is tight end), Mac and Randy, who both play wide receiver, Jason, who is O-line left guard, and many others.


To say the 7th grade football team is bad would be wrong because they are still quite good despite their loss of Caden Alred.


 One part of the team that shined was the combo 7th grade team who went on to lose only two games in the whole season. They lost to Brock and Aubrey, who are very good as well.