”Dreamers and Deceivers” by Glenn Beck; a book review.

Dreamers and Deceivers by Glenn Beck; a book review.

Atley McDonald, Editor

”Dreamers and Deceivers” is a historical fiction book by conservative Glenn Beck which details the lives of the men and women who made America. The book houses 10 stories about some of the most famous and infamous individuals who impacted the United States including Grover Cleveland, Robert Howard Armstrong, Woodrow Wilson, Charles Ponzi, Desi Arnaz, Upton Sinclair, Alan Turing, Alger Hiss, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and John Lasseter. Each story is based on historical events combined with fictional story elements to put the reader into the story and into a perspective that understands the events happening. I myself can advocate that when you begin to read this book, it will be impossible to set it down.

The book is able to portray events not as merely circumstances, but as things caused by people. The book is also able to portray real life people not as actions, but as ideas and philosophies. Each story is enjoyable to read and allows the reader to get a good perspective on the circumstances of that individual’s life. I implore you all to read the book if you have it, or buy it if you don’t have it, and read it beginning to end. I promise you it will not be a waste of time.