7th Grade B-Team Volleyball Season Recap

7th Grade B-Team Volleyball Season Recap

Volleyball season has come to an end, and the lovely PJH Journalism crew is happy to present to you an exciting season recap for our seventh-grade B-team! Our seventh-grade B-team practiced hard and that showed in their amazing performance during each of their games. 

During their first game, our 7th grade B-team started their season off strong by winning both of the sets at Sanger. Their passionate hearts and determined mindsets led them to their win.

7 days after that they went up against Paradise, they won one set and lost the next two. The game was considered a rougher game than the last one but they still played their hearts out. 

In the third game, they went up against Boyd, one of our biggest rivals. They got the home advantage in this game since they played in the ponder JH gym. The game ended up being 2 wins to 1, we dominated them!

Then we went up against Pilot Point Middle School at the Ponder JH gym. We won 2 sets! Our girls have worked hard to improve their skills and show off to the other schools. 

This next game was their first away game in Valley View. It might’ve been a bit nerve-racking, but that did not affect their gameplay. They still won both sets and proved themselves yet again.

Their second game was in Paradise. Paradise is another one of our biggest rivals, meaning that the lions had to work really hard to win the game. They played hard, showing their determination, but Ponder lost both sets, quite a devastating loss. It left the girls longing for another win to boost their morale.

Their next game, they had to go up against S&S for the first time at their gym. It was a stacked game and, despite their new-found determination, they lost that game as well. 

Their following game fell on October 10. The Lady Lions were scared, and unfortunately, they went home with another defeat. 

The last volleyball game of the season arrived, and this one happened to be a home game. The Lady Lions were nervous, yet determined to win this important game. With all their hard work, they won the game!

The 7th Grade Volleyball teams showed all their skills to all the schools they went up against this season. They worked hard and did amazing, and we are all very proud of them! Thank you for reading and don’t forget to check out more on PonderThis!