Alabama VS Arkansas

Alabama VS Arkansas

Madelyn Taylor, Editor


This was a heated, insane match up. Number one against a team not even in the top 25? They put up a good fight for a losing game, they tried their hardest to make as many points as possible to try and catch up.

in the first quarter Alabama was ahead by 14 points while Arkansas stood at 0. in my personal opinion the best play was when number 3 intercepted a pass from Arkansas.

now for the second quarter Arkansas gains 6 points by scoring a touchdown. The hogs really needed that one. Alabama still in the lead gains 12 points 2 less than last quarter. Do you think that the elephants are actually trying?

third quarter was THE quarter for Arkansas. Arkansas gained 17 points! Now at 23 points they are behind Alabama by 5 points. That’s not that far, do you think they can pull it off?

Last quarter everyone wants to know who won, did Arkansas pull through and win or did Alabama fufill their role as number 1? In the end Alabama had 49 points while Arkansas had 26.