Pep Rally

What happens during a pep rally?

During one of the JH pep rallies the cheerleaders will dance and perform and cheer for the student body. When you walk in you will be seated in the stands as the cheerleaders welcome the football players. Once the football players are seated the cheerleaders will do their thing on the floor. Then we will play a game. The games are based on the mascot of the team we are going against. The winner gets a prize. At the end of the pep rally we will all sing alma mater.  


Rules to follow:

  • Be respectful
  • Keep your hands to yourself
  • Participate
  • Cheer and show your Ponder spirit! 


What will the students do during pep rallies?

The students will wait for it to start. They must be silent when someone is speaking because it’s respectful, and they might say something important. If you constantly talk while you’ve been told to stop, you will be kicked out till the end. You will have to sit by a teacher or go to the foyer with a teacher. But if it gets really bad, then you will be sent to the office. You must participate in the activity if they call your name., There is NO SCREAMING UNLESS YOU ARE ALLOWED TO FOR THE CHANT. 


We have pep rallies every time we have a home game. We have a couple home games during the season. The pep rally schedule will be:

            September 8, Wichita Falls, City View

September 15, TBA, so there isn’t for sure a game yet, but if there is it will be home

September 22, Paradise

October 13, Boyd

October 20, Peaster 

So those are all the home games and all the days we will have pep rallies.


Where do pep rallies take place  

We go to the HS gym and the JH gym