7th & 8th grade girls track

7th & 8th grade girls track

In the Ponder Invitational Track Meet, the 8th-grade girls for Ponder placed 2nd with 184 points. We competed against Sanger and S&S. All of the completed events were 100m dash, 200m dash, 400m dash, also 800m run, 1600m run, 2400m run. for the hurdles, 100m was completed as well as 300m. 4×100 M Relay 4x200M Relay, 4×400 M Relay, Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Triple Jump, High Jump, and Pole Vault most did very well. 7th-grade girls 1st place was the one and only Ponder, Ponder’s points were 246 the girls did an amazing job competing against Sanger and S&S. 


In 7th-grade Shot Put, Kennedy Simon got first place with a throw of 31’ 0”. In third place, Shiann Shoemate threw for a distance of  26’-11 ½”. For the 8th grade Shot Put, Brooke Matamoros placed 3rd with a throw of 25’6” and Lexi Bauder had a measurement of 23’3” to finish in 6th. Rylie Rivers and Kaydence Howard participated in the high jump. Rylie Rivers placed 1st, clearing 4’2”. Kaydence Howard tied for 3rd, clearing 3’10”. Both jumpers did great well! Olivia Todd cleared 4’ to finish in 1st. In 7th grade Pole Vaulting, the girls did very well. Skyler Medders placed 1st with the height of 7 feet, Caitlin Ensor finished 2nd place with a vault of 5’6”. Skyler and Catlin did their best. 8th-grade girls, Skye Gill got 2nd with a vault of 8’. In triple jump 7th grade Haylee Kropp placed 2nd with a jump of 25’-11”. In 8th grade coming in 1st place, Sophia Vargas with a distance of 30’-3 ½”. In the 7th Grade Long jump, Makayla Schultz jumped 11’ 9” and Caitlin Ensor had a jump of 11’0.75, placing 3rd and 4th respectively. In the 8th grade, Sophia Vargas had a winning jump of 13 feet and 10 inches. Following that in 5th place, Xavi Smith jumped 12’ 8”, and in 6th place, Eriona Hill jumped 12 feet and 6 inches.  


In the 7th grade 2400 M run, Anabel Felder finished fourth place with a time of 11:58.00 trying her best, pushing through the whole time. Chloe Hall finished fifth place with a time of 12:18.00 while competing with Annabell Felder for fourth. Abby Gutierrez fought hard in the 2400m run and placed 5th, her time was 7:47.28.  In the 2400m run Harlee Ponce Placed 3rd with a time of 12:13:36.In the 800 meter run, Presley Calhoun with a time of 3:06.72 got 3rd, Katie Hale got 5th with a time of 3:21.69. Tana Trosper ran a time of 2:46.94 to finish in first place. Gigi Dennis got a time of 3:07.50 to finish in 5th. In the 300-meter Hurdles 7th Grader, Rylie Rivers got 1st place with a time of 57.25 seconds, although she fell on the last hurdle she still won. Alli Meroney got 2nd place with a time of 59.92 seconds. Skyler Medders got 5th place with a time of 1:02.88. In 8th grade, Xavi Smith got 2nd place with a time of 58.47 seconds, getting second by only 2 seconds! Congrats to you girls in 300-meter Hurdles! In the 100 meter dash, Makayla Shultz placed 5th and Alexis McChristian placed 6th in the 7th grade. For the 8th grade 100-meter dash, Kylie Watt placed 3rd with a time of 14.92. In the 1600m run for 7th grade, Chloe Hall placed 4th with a time of 7:23.15, Gigi Dennis placed 5th with a time of 3:07.50, and Anabel Felder placed 6th with a time of 7:45.93. In 8th grade the girls did well in the 1600 meter run, Presley Calhoun placed 3rd almost getting 2nd with a time of 7:11.81. Presley and a girl in Sanger were .2 milliseconds apart!  For the 400 m dash 7th grade got the top 3 it was Kennedy Simon, Haylee Kropp, Tana Trosper in that order, and the 8th grade had each girl placed with Sophia Vargas in 2nd place, Skye Gill in 4th, and finally Olivia Todd in 5th. In the 200 meter dash, the 7th-grade girls did very well, in 2nd came Kennedy Simon, in 3rd Haylee Kropp, in 5th Kaydence Howard. The 8th graders did a phenomenal job, in 1st came Sophia Vargas and Skye Gill came in 3rd. In the 4x100M relay, Skyler Medders, Caitlin Ensor, Makayla Schultz, and Kaylina Conner got 3rd. They all together got a time of 1:01.22. They did very well for their first time doing the relay race. In the 100m hurdles, the 7th-grade girls all finished in the top 3 and did a great job. Sophia Rodriguez placed first with a time of 21.09 seconds. Alli Meroney with a time of 21.15 placed 2nd. In 3rd place, Skyler Medders got a time of 21.47. In 8th-grade Eriona Hill got 2nd place with a time of 20.83 and with a time of 21.28 Xavi Smith placed 4th. The 8th-grade girls did a great job with tough competition. 

In the 4×200 m relay Ponder 7th-grade girls placed 2nd with a time of 2:05.51. The people that ran it were Alli Meroney, Caitlin Ensor, Sophia Rodriguez, and Rylie Rivers. The 8th-grade girls placed 3rd with a

time of 2:07.81. The girls that ran it were Harlee Ponce, Emilie Jackson, Eriona Hill, and Kylie Watt. In the 4×400 m relay, the 7th-grade girls placed 1st with a time of 4:47.86. The Ponder contestants were Rylie Rivers, Tana Trosper, Kennedy Simon, and Haylee Kropp. For the 8th-grade girls 4×400 m relay, they placed 2nd with a time of 4:37.44. The contestants include Skye Gill, Xavi Smith, Olivia Todd, and Sophia Vargas.