Dr. Pepper v.s. Coke

Alexis Rae Bauder

This question has been asked for centuries. Ok maybe not centuries, but decades for sure; Which is better, Dr. Pepper or Coke? Well, today you find out the answer because this is the Dr. Pepper v.s. Coke poll. I asked 30 students from each grade which soft drink they prefer, and these are the results.

6th grade: In sixth grade, 14 people said Dr. Pepper was better, and 16 people said Coke was better.

7th grade: This grade had a total of 18 votes for Dr. Pepper, and 12 said Coke is better.

8th grade: 8th grade was a blowout of 22 for Dr. Pepper and 8 for Coke.

Everyone had a different opinion on the two soft drinks. 8th grader Celestia Lane said, “Dr. Pepper tastes like spicy BBQ water.” While Alli Meroney, 7th grade, said, “Coke just makes my teeth feel weird.” So, in conclusion, Dr. Pepper is elite and Coke stinks.