Things You Can Do When Your bored

Everyone gets bored at some point and like most people they have no idea what to do to entertain them self.  There’s actually a lot of things to do if you’re bored you just have to get creative! There’s different things to do with different people, it really depends on what you like to do and what your interest are.  Some things to do  is going outside and you can do a variety of things like going on a walk, riding a bike, going to a park with friends, or go meet new people in your neighborhood. Some other things you can do inside is play board games with your family, talk on the phone with your friends, play video games, find someone new to watch on you tube, or start a new show. You could also start a new hobby, like drawing, making jewelry, baking, or trying out a new sport with family and friends. There’s a lot to do occupy yourself from being bored, so try these ideas that I listed in this article.