Ponder Lions 1st win of the season (8th grade)


Thursday was a big day. we the ponder lions won our first game of the season against Bridgeport and it felt amazing to finally win a game. our score was 34-14,we started off on kickoff and it was a decent kick which was caught at the 35 and Hayden manninger got a fumble which caused us a turn over at a very good field position.We started the drive with a 20 yrd gain and a touchdown right after,I got the 2 point conversion after.

After that we kept them to a good area and we kept having good drives all throughout the game.We also had some bads we let a ball that should’ve been picked off but we let it go and it got a touchdown which led to a 2 point conversion which was incomplete.We all had some very good plays and runs that made some big plays throughout the game.In the end we were just better and we won because we had better runs and better gains.