XC Meet at Boyd Results

XC Meet at Boyd Results

Marin Pugh

Hello, Ponder Junior High! Recently, Ponder traveled to Boyd to compete in the season’s first Cross Country meet. Our PJH runners have worked hard and competed well!

To begin, the top three runners for our Ponder Junior High Girls’ team were Kaycee Crider with a time of 15:14, Bella Jiminez whose time was 16:42, and Campell Cooper, also with a time of 16:42. Kaycee Crider placed 17th, while Bella and Campell came 42nd and 43rd.

For our Junior High Boys’ team, we have Cooper Sweeden with a time of 13:04, Blaine Schultz whose time was 13:59, and Rhett Wells with a time 14:55 as our top three runners. Cooper’s place was 17th, Blaine placed 22nd, and Rhett came in 48th place. 

Congratulations to all of Ponder’s XC runners for working hard and going to compete in this meet! Thank you for reading and staying updated with PonderThis!