Homecoming Week

Leslie Martinez

During the following Week of 9/3/21 to 9/10/21 Students and Staff had the choice to dress up,Many people participated in the event.On Tuesday Students and Staff dressed up as their favorite Disney character.Many of them included,Little Green Men from Toy Story,Mickey Mouse, Simba and many more.On Wednesday It was Dynamic Duo.Many Students and Staff participated and it was awesome.There was Thing One and Thing Two,M and M’s,Eggs and Bacon,Animals from the farm and last but not least the Three Little Pigs.The people who dressed up as The Three Little Pigs were Coach Snider,Coach Irons And Coach Peacock.On Thursday it was Teachers dress up as Students and Students dress up as Teachers.Many people in 7th grade ended up dressing up as Coach Lowe.Coach Snider and Alli Meroney dressed up as each other.On Friday the last day to dress up is wear Red.There has been lots of red worn on Friday.It includes Tutu’s,Sweatshirts,Jackets,Long red socks and many more.Overall this week has been really fun but it has come to an end.Thank you all for participating.