7a volleyball game

7a volleyball game

Jasmine Kay Simmons and Alli Maire Meroney

 Volleyball 7a game

7a played a tough game against paradise for the second time but they still work hard and won. The scores were 25-11 for the first set and 25-23 for the second set was a really close game but they still pulled through and won the set. They did best on there passing and blocking and have improved on blocking a lot more the coach thinks that they need to improve on serving and serve receive the most there serves were not pulling through much of the game but they still got through the game the coach says that “they did really well the first set but got in a bit of a slump during the second but they still got the win”.The player of the game is Hali Clearman!!!!, she played a great game. Also, don’t forget to tell them they did a great job if you see them and don’t forget to support your ponder!!


-Player of the game-

  Hali Clearman #01


-Players-                               Kennedy Simon #06

Hali Clearman #01               Alli Meroney #07

Haylee Kropp #02                Rylie Rivers #08

Jasmine Simmons #04        Sydney Hooper #09

Taelynn Harrison #05