7th grade girls Collinsville track meet

7th grade girls Collinsville track meet

On March 21st Ponder went to Collinsville to compete. 

In the 2400m Hannah Mclain placed 4th with a time of 11.53 and Serenity Angelle ran but did not place or have a time.

In the 100m dash Waverly Rausch placed 2nd with a time of 14.56.In the 200 meter Kate Simmons placed 3rd with a time of 32.20, Rylie Parker placed 5th with a time of 32.27, and Vada Cochrum got a time of 33.38 but had no placing. In the 1600, Finlee Wyrick, placed second with a time of 7:14 ,Serenity Angelle ran the mile but did not place and, Skylar Kysiak placed fourth with a time of 7:44:47.Ponder had two people Bella Jimenez, and Jessie Norwood who competed in the 400 meter dash. Bella Jimenez placed first with a time of 1:15.11. Jessie Norwood placed second with a time of 1:18.18.In the 800 meter, Finlee Wyrick with a time of 3:00.62, Jessie Norwood with a time of 3:00.37, and Skylar Kysiak with a time of 3:09.57. Finlee Wryick got 4 points and 4th place. Jessie Norwood got 6 points and 3rd place. Lastly Skylar Kysiak got 2 points and 5th place. 

 In the 4×2 relay Waverly Rausch, Kate Simmons, Rylie Parker, and Vada Cochrum got 2nd place, with a time of 2:11.40. Kate Simmons, Campbell Cooper, Jessie Norwood,and Bella Jimenez all competed In the 4×4 relay. In the 4×4 relay Ponder placed 3rd place, with a time of 5:13.18.In the 4×1 relay Bella Jimenez, Caday Rodriguez, Rylie Parker, and Waverly Rausch placed 3rd with a time of 1:00.24

In the 300m Hurdles, Campbell Cooper placed 1st with a time of 56.40 with 10 points, Caday Rodriguez placed 2nd with 8 points, and a time of 1:00.37, and Rian Hughes placed 3rd with a time of 1:00.56 with 6 points.In the 100m hurdles Rian Hughes placed 1st with a time of 18.96, Campbell Cooper placed 3rd with 20.52, and Caday Rodriguez got a time of 21.74 and placed 5th.

In the Thrower’s 100, Ali Poole got a time of 16.43 and placed first.

​​Ponder 7th grade girls scored 1st overall with 154 points at Collinsville the closest team in second place with 126 points was Tioga.