Stranger things

Ella bartram, idk

I have chosen to do a review over are loved shwow Stranger things. So is about 4 boys who loved to play D&D.One day they are playing their game and they all go home but one of the boys goes missing. The 3 other boys tried to find their friend. They run into a little girl and they fergorout what to do next. The story continues. Overall, I would give this show a 9.99. The only problem is S2, the season was honestly not that great but watching I for the first time is good but watching it again is not the greatest I mean in my opinnon. Dont git me rong I love the holle thang is gest that seson thats I en you git to meat some new peopel and I like that seoson gent not waching it over and over is not the gratist. And thats what I thank of stranger Things.