Away volleyball games


First, we usually go to the locker rooms to get all our stuff on and then sit in the stands and wait for the first game to start. But, that’s only for home games. For games that are away, we change and get on the bus right after school. We get to the bus and then the coaches decide who is driving. Then, we go to Subway and get food for the whole bus. Once you get to the school, the 7th B goes to the locker rooms the other school lets us use and they get their stuff ready. Then they go onto the court and everyone else goes to sit in the stands and watches the games. Once you have played, you can either go home with your parents or you can watch the 8th A game and ride the bus home. But if you don’t turn in your cover shorts and wear something over your spandex, then you will have to run on Tuesday. And if you are on your phone any time after you get on the bus and it starts to move, then it either gets taken away or you have to run.