8th grade track @ valley view

Monday, March 14, 2022 Track Meet


100m dash 

Jazmine Simmons placed 6th overall with a time of 15.2. Next up was Makayla Schultz, who placed 2nd with a time of 14.5. Last was Jaylah Lockett who placed 8th with a time of 15.4. Fantastic job to all the Lady Lions who represented Ponder well!


200 meter 

The 200 meter run went through with 3 ladys from ponder. Kennedy Simon, in 1st place with a time of 31.1. Jaylah Lockett, in 2nd place with a time of  33.1 , Makayla Schultz, in 3rd place with a time of 35.1. They finished 1st place. 


400 Meters

In the Women’s 8th Grade Girls 400 Meter event, Kennedy Simon placed first place with a time of 1:10.5. The second Ponder participant, Tana Trosper, placed 4th with 1:14.9.  Then with an amazing 1:16.8, Alex Harbin placed 8th place.


800 Meters 8th Grade Girls – Finals 

In the 800 Meters 8th Grade Girls Finals, Rylee Rivers placed 1st with 2:43.1 as her time. Then for second place Hayley Kropp placed a time of 2:49.4. Caitlyn Ensor placed 8th, with an unavailable time.


1600 Meters

Ponder lions Rylee Rivers ran with a total time of 6:07.7, winning 1st place. Anabel Felder, not timed, in 13th place. Congratulations to everyone who competed and thank you for representing The Ponder Lions! 


2400 Meters

For the 2400 meter running event, Berkley Cassidy placed sixth out of every school competing. Sydney Hooper placed fourth overall. In first place overall, we have Ponder’s very own Tana Trosper with a time of 9:58. Congratulations to these amazing Lady Lions! 


100 Hurdles 

Skyllar medders placed first place with 18.0 closely followed by kalena connar in second with 18.3 and last but not least Ali morone placed fifth with 19.7 and congratulations to all of Y’all and thank you for representing ponder so greatly.


300 Hurdles 

Rylee Rivers placed 1st in the 300 meter hurdle event for Ponder. Her completed time was 57.2. Kaylina Conner also ran the 300 meter hurdles and came out in 3rd place. Her hand time was 58.2. Haley Kropp came in 4th place with the finishing time of 59.6. 


8th Grade Girls 4×100 Relay

Our Ponder girls 4×1 relay team are Skyler Medder, Sophia Rodriguez, Alex Harbin, Makayla Shultz.  Skyler Medder is our first leg. Makayla Shultz for the second leg. Alex Harbin for our third leg, and Sophia Rodriguez for our fourth leg. They placed 2nd as a team with a time of 58.7 seconds.


8th Grade Girls 4×200 Relay

Our Ponder girls 4×2 relay team are Skyler Medders for our first leg, Sophia Rodriguez as our second leg , Gigi Dennis as third leg, Caitlin Ensor as fourth leg. They placed 2nd place as a team with a time of 2 minutes and 08 seconds.


 8th Grade 4×400 Relay

 Lady Lions 8th grade girls Haley Kropp, Tana Trosper, Kaylina Conner, and Kennedy Simmon, placed 2nd in the 4×400 with a time of 4:55.4. These Lady lions have worked hard! Congratulations girls for putting your hard work to use!