Choir update

Kyra Mahmood

Right now in the lyric choir they are working on solos and are Getting ready for music memory!  They are also working on three pieces for the spring choir concert! Harmony (6th grade) and Bel Canto (NV 7th+8th grade) are preparing for a festival. They are currently working on “This Train” and “Firefly.” Cambiata, our Tenor/Bass chorus, is working on three songs for UIL: “The Chariot Spiritual,” “In Umbra,” and “The Voice of the Sea.” Both Cambiata and Lyric are preparing to compete at UIL Concert and Sight Reading. All of the choirs will be attending the pride of Texas music festival on April 28th and the 29  this event will take place at Alley cats (CHOIR STUDENT WILL NEED A RIDE HOME)! That is all we encourage you to come support are ponder lions choirs