8th Grade Life

Caday Rodriguez

Most 8th graders are born through 2007-2008. 8th Graders are mostly 14-13 years of age. Mauricio Huerta quotes that “ It’s easy in math class because you get to use calculators”. Mason Shirley says that “ 8th grade goes by very fast”. 8th graders also need to prepare to go into highschool while the 7th graders are now the oldest in Junior High. Paisley Anders says “that the teachers give you lots of homework especially in history”. 8th graders also have to get better at sports in order to make varsity. 8th grade is also the only grade in PJH where you can take Spanish class. 8th graders usually wake up around 5-6am to go to athletics. 8th graders who don’t do athletics wake up around 6-7am. That’s the typical 8th grade life.