Day in a life of a PJH student

Hunter Ishmael

I start my day at 5:50.I get up, take a shower and eat breakfast,after that I watch tv until 6:15.Then I brush my hair and teeth,pack my bag for school and leave my house to go to athletics at 6:30.Its very important to get a good sleep schedule so you can wake up early for sports.After I run cross country,I go to my first period which is basketball.After basketball I go to  my 2nd period which is ELAR.Then I go to theater,that’s pretty fun.After theater I go to journalism,I like writing articles so that class is fun.So then I finally go to lunch,that’s my favorite part of the day.Lunch goes by very fast,after lunch I go to science.I don’t really like science with all of the edgenuity that we do.I go to texas history after science.That class goes by kinda fast,I then go to teen leader.That class is basically study hall,so I can get all of my homework done in that class. Then comes the last period of the day,math.Math is fun, I like the teacher so it makes the class fun.Then I go home, when I’m at home I like to play basketball,watch youtube and just chill while I can.I am normally super tired after school so I just take it easy and rest up.So that’s basically my day as a pjh student.