7th Grade Boys Track Meet



On Monday March 7th our Ponder Lions had a track meet in Valley View. They ran hard to try and score points for their team. 


For the 100 meter dash we have Deven Moreno with a time of 13.4 seconds and placed 2nd. Next we have Chase Conner with a time of 14.0 seconds and placed 8th. Last but not least we have Christopher Loyd with a time of 14.5 seconds who placed 10th. 


For the 1600m Cooper Sweden got second and was the only ponder boy in this event to place. Kyle Stewart, and Jordan Orozco also ran in this event.


 In the 2400m Cooper Sweden got first place with a time of 9:27.5. Eli Shifflett also ran in the event. Overall they did a great job! 


For the 4×1 times The total time was 55.7 3 The runners were Deven Moreno,Chase Conner, Chris loyd and Brandon Zepada, They did a very good job running every single teammate did a fantastic job at passing the rod to the other person 


In the 300m Hurdles Trey Lopez had a time of 1:03.8 and came in 6th place, Tommy Hickman with a time of 1:04.8 and came in 7th place, and Christopher Loyd with a time of 1:06.8 and came in 10th place. 


In the 800m Tommy Hickman got 4th place with a time of 3:04.1, Kyle Stewart got in 5th place with a time of 3:04.3, and Beckett Sorensen got in 6th place with a time of 3:07.2.


On March 7th the 7th grade boys competed In the 200m dash. Deven Moreno got third place with a time of 28.5, Josh Hickman got 6th place with a time of 30.0, and starting 9th place is Daniel Cortes who had gotten a time of 31.1 just above Josh Hickman’s time


The 7th grade boys competed in the 110 hurdles!In 4th place we have Trey Lopez with a time of 21.6! In 5th place we have Cooper Sweden with a time of 21.7! In 6th place we also have Mason Jones with a time of 23.0! They all did a good job Representing Ponder  


In the 7th grade boys all these boys on the list did 100 meters! They did amazing with all these events! With Ponder Jr High, Deven Moreno got 2nd place with a score of 13.4. We also have Chase Connor that’s in 8th and scored 14.0. Last but not least we have Christopher Loyd in 10th place and scored 14.8. Great job to everyone.


The 7th grade boys did very good at the Valley View track meet, they also did very well in the 4×200. Ponder got 3rd in the 4×200 with a time of 2:05.0. The people that did the 4×200 were Josh Hickman, Mason Jones, Chase Conner, and Caden Murphy. Next week we hope that they get first and many more to come. 

On Monday March 7th a total of 16 7th grade boys ran in the 400 meter dash Hayden Manninger got 4th place, Brandon Zepeda got 8th place, and  Mason Sinyard got 10th due to injury mid run.


For the 4×400 they were absolutely amazing and blew everyone away Cade jackson, Caiden Brown, Mason Jones, and Brandon Zepeda with a time of 5:06.6 great job!