Lunch Menu 8/23-8/27

Ella bartram and Marin Pugh

Hello Ponder Junior High! Here is this week’s lunch menu!

8/23- Pizzeria Style Pizza, Spicy Chicken Wrap, Mexican Corn, Mixed Salad, Marinara  Cup & Fresh Fruit

8/24- Nachos w/ Meat, Queso Beef Bites, Spicy Refried Beans, Homemade Salsa, & Orange Pineapple Slush

8/25- Spicy Chicken Strips, BBQ Rib Patty, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Seasoned Green Beans, Chilled Pineapple, and a Fresh Baked Roll

8/26- Sweet and Sour Chicken, Rice, Teriyaki Beef, Lemon Glazed Carrots, Baby Corn Cobs, and Strawberry Applesauce

8/27- Cheeseburger, Corn Dogs, French Fries, Lettuce and Pickles, Chilled Peaches


Thank you for taking the time to read this!

-Marin Pugh and Ella Bartram