Girls District Track Meet Results


CJ Neace

Overall, Ponder did well at the district track meet. 7th-grade boys getting 4th place with just under 100 points at 86 and 8th-grade boys getting 7th place with a little over 40 with 41 points. The results are posted below: 

In the 2400 for the 7th grade boys, Hunter Ishmael, Tyler Nickell, and Leom Bergara all competed but didn’t place. For the 8th grade boys, Taylor Weiland placed 5th with a time of 9:11, Hayden Long placed 8th with a time of 9:54, and John McEwen competed but didn’t place. In the 4×100 relay, the 7th-grade boys’ Mason Shirley, TJ Mills, Gage Ersch, and Braiden Brock placed 6th with a time of 55.06 seconds. The 8th-grade boys Noah Adams, Shawn Taylor, Jonathan Arellano, and Bryson Smith placed 5th with the time of 51.90 seconds. In the 8th grade 800 meter run, Hunter Anthony, Willie Norwood, and Landon Hardin all participated, they all ran well but didn’t finish in the top 6. There aren’t any results for 7th grade 800-meter runs. In the 100m Hurdles, the 7th-grade boy’s team did an outstanding job. 1st place was Aj Reyes with a time of 19.67. In 2nd place, Rhyder Dugger had a time of 20.58. With A time of 23.32, Graysen Fox Got 9th place. Now on the 8th-grade side, they did well. In 15th Place Mason McShan had a time of 23.32. . In 14th place and a time of 22.79 was Micah Gifford. And finally in 8th place with a time of 22.08 was Noah Adams. In the 100 meter dash for 7th grade, Leom Bergara with a time of 13.62 seconds placed 4th, Mason Shirley with a time of 13.65 seconds placed 5th and Eliazar Briano with a time of 15.06 seconds placed 20th. In 8th grade Ian Morgan had a time of 12.87 seconds and finished 2nd, Kale Jones had a time of 12.91 seconds and placed 3rd and Taylor Staton with a tiof me 13.83 seconds placed 11th. The In 7th-grade boys mile relay Rhyder Dugger, Eduardo Carrillo, Brayden Brock, Makson Allred placed 5th with a time of 4:35:00, for 8th grade boys Mason McShan, Jonathan Arrellano, Ian Morgan, Kale Jones with a time of`4:17:00, placing 5th.7th graders Mason Shirley and Rhyder Dugger placed 14th with a jump of 12’ 7. Braiden Brock placed 18th with a jump of 12’ 0.8th grader Ian Morgan set a new PR of 14’2 and placed 11th overall.

Bryson Smith set a new PR of 12’ 8.5 and placed 20th. Nolan Durrett placed 2lth with a jump of 12’ 8. These people competed in High jump 7th grade, Jordan Weiland and Kyle Perryman, and for 8th who were competing was Shawn Taylor, Willie Norwood, and Micah Gifford.In the 4×200 relay, 7th grade placed 6th and 8th grade placed 7th. The 7th grade boys who competed were Gage Ersch, Terrize Mills, Luke Arnold, and Braiden Brock with a time of 1:59.10. The 8th-grade boys who competed were Nolan Durrett, Shawn Taylor, Bryson Smith, and Jorin Roberts and had a time of 1:53.70 

In the 300m hurdles, the boys all did fantastically. Aj Reyes from Ponder placed highest, with 2nd place, and 50.38s. For Rhyder Dugger, he got assigned a lucky 3rd place. Finally, Graysen Fox finished off well with 1:07.2. In the 200m dash for ponder, for 4h place Mason Shirley placed with a time of 28.34a, luke Arnold got a time of 29.72a, and Eliazar Briano got a time of 31.73a. For the 8th graders for7th Bryson Smith with a time of 27.25a, Nolan Durrett had a time of 28.86a, and last but not least Jorin Roberts had a time of 31.25a.In Discus for 7th grade boys, Noah Long placed first with a throw of 83’3, Ezequiel Sandoval with a throw of 63’6 placed 13th. In 20th place, Jayden Murrell threw a 52’9.5. The 7th grade boys all threw their personal best. For 8th grade boys, LukeRowland threw a 77’3 placing 16th. Trenton Carroll placed 20th with a throw of 68’6. And in 24th place, Steven Pile threw a 50’11. The 8th grade boys also all threw their personal record. The Ponder boys did a great job in discus for the last meet of the season. 7th grade shot put, Noah Long, placed 1st with 33’6 feet.Eziqual Sandavol placed 9th with a through 26′ 3 feet, Mauricio Huerta placed 19th with 23’9 feet.8th grade Ashton Castillo placed 3rd with 35’1 feet. Blaine Turner placed 14th with 30 feet, Gary Bishop placed 18th with 27 feet. The 7th and 8th grade Pole Vaulting did an amazing job. In 7th grade, Makson Allred got 3rd with a height of 6’ 6. Also, Lincoln Perkins sadly didn’t place, but he did a great job. In 8th grade, Landon Hardin got 3rd with a height of 7’ 7. Willie Norwood placed 5th with a height of 6’ 6. Both 7th and 8th tried their best and they did great.  For 7th grade triple jump, Grayson Fox got 7th place and Rhyder Dugger got 8th. For 8th grade, Nolan Durret got 8th, Bryson Smith got 12th place, and Jayden Villareal got 13th. They worked hard and did alright. And for discus got 1st.  Noah long got 83’3 and got 13th. Ezequiel Sandoval got 63’6 and got 20th Jayden murrel got 52’9.5  and for 8th grade luke rowland got 8th and he threw 77’3 and Trenton Carroll got 20th and he threw 68’6 and steven pile got 24th and threw 50’11. The 7th grade boys got 5th place in the district and 8th grade boys got 7th place in the district.