High school Volleyball spring league

Alli Maire Meroney



For all incoming 9th graders there is going to be a spring league for volleyball starting in May, for all girls that want to be in volleyball in high school. TO know all of the information you need to get SportsYou in the app store on your phone, then you will put in the code. If you need the code go to Coach Sinder, or someone that you know already has the code. Once you get the app and the code you will scroll down till you find a pink text box and then click on the link. Then it will take you to a google form, and it will ask you a lot of questions that you need to fill out to play in the spring league. It will ask about your size in everything, then your birthday. parents name, choice of number, if you have a job, and where you are working. As well as, dates you will be gone in the summer, other sports you want to play in high school, and if you understand the priority of being about the spring/summer league. We do not have much more information than that so I will let you know as soon as I get the information.