7th Grade Girls Valley View Track Meet

Bliss Ganzer, posting the article

100 meter dash: 0

Waverly Rausch, got 2nd with a time of 13.44 seconds. Marin Pugh got 7th, with a time of 16 seconds. Addy Goodling got 7th, with a time of 15.94 seconds.


200 meter dash: 

There were only two Ponder 7th grade girls who competed in the 200 meter. First was Kate Simmons with a time of 31.6 and she got 4th place.The other athlete was Vada Cochrum with a time of 33.0 and she got 8th place.


400 meter dash: 

For the 400 meter there were 3 Ponder 7th grade girls who ran for the 400 meter, it was Bella Jimenez, Jessie Norwood, and Gracie Adams. Bella Jimenez placed 1st with a time that was 1:13.4. Jessie Norwood placed 3rd and the time she finished with was 1:17.7. Gracie Adams who placed 6th with a time that was 1:22.7.


800 meter dash: 

3 lady lions competed in the 800 meter dash Finlee Wyrick came in 1st place with a time of 2:57.2. Jessie Norwood came 4th with a time of 3:07.6, and right behind came Skyler Kysiak in 5th place with a time of 3:07.9


1600 meter dash: 

In the 1600 meter dash Finlee Wyrick got 4th with a time of 7:01.9 next was Skylar Kysiak with 7.09.3. 


2400 meter dash: 

At Valley View on March 7th, three 7th grade girls competed in the 2400 meter run. Hannah McClain placed 7th with no time. Noeme Sandoval placed 8th also with no time. Also with 10th place was Evilyn Wilson with no time.


100 meter Hurdles: 

Campbell Cooper got first with 18 seconds and rain got 2 with 18.5 4th place was Caday with 20.5 


300 meter Hurdles: 

In the 300 meter hurdles Ponder performed well. They came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. In Ponder, Campbell Cooper came in 1st with a time of 57.9, Rian Hughes came in 2nd with a time of 59.7, and Caday Rodriguez came in 3rd with a time of 1:00.1. They all did well and placed well so we can congratulate them for that. 


4×100 Relay: 

Ponder got 2nd in the 4x100m the girls that competed were, Caday Rodriguez, Waverly Rausch, Rylie Parker, and Bella Jimenez, with a total time of 58.3.


4×200 Relay: 

Ponder got 1st in the 4X200 relay with a time of 2:06.2. The girls who competed and won the race were Riley Parker which was 1st leg, who passed it to Waverly Rauch which was 2nd leg, then came Vada cochrum with the 3rd leg, and finally passed it to the anchor leg Kate Simmons who finished the race in 1st place. 


4×400 relay:

Ponder got 2nd place in the 4×400, the girls who competed were Kate simmones,Jessie Norwood,Cambell Cooper and Bella Jimenez they finished with a time of 5:06.0.