Encanto Movie Review

Encanto Movie Review

Scout Stehlik

Encanto is a movie following Mirabel Madrigal, and how she saves her family’s miracle. There’s lots of suspense and action. Everyone in the family has a gift except Mirabel (The fathers don’t either, because they were married into the family). Pepa is Mirabel’s aunt ,and her gift is that her mood affects the weather.Luisa is one of Mirabel’s older sisters.Her gift is strength. Isabel is Mirabel’s other older sister. Her gift is to create flowers. Camilo is one of Mirabel’s cousins. He can shape shift. Dolores is another one of Mirable’s cousins. She can hear things from miles away. Antonio is Mirabel’s last cousin. He can understand what animals say. Julieta is Mirabels mother. She can heal you with food. Agustin and Felix are the father on both sides. They have no gifts. Abuela is Mirabel’s grandmother. She doesn’t have a gift ,but she is the candle holder. Finally there’s Bruno, he can see the future. This is a 10/10 movie to me. It has a great plot and great character design. I’m going to rate the movie over music, Character design,plot, conflict, and solution. 

Music- 10/10 the music is so catchy. I’ve had some songs stuck in my head for weeks.

Character design- 10/10 All of the designs look great. 

Plot- 8/10 It was really good. Some parts got a little confusing/ weird in my opinion, but great over all. 

Conflict- 7/10 If Abuela wasn’t so salty and rude there wouldn’t be any conflict. 

Solution- 9/10 Everyone got along in the end. It was nice to see them not fighting ,and all together. 

Final Score- 44/50 This was such a good movie, and I would recommend everyone to watch this.