JH Boys Basketball vs Whitesboro

Alli Maire Meroney

The middle school Ponder Lions boys had a long and hard night facing Whitesboro. All four teams played and did very well. The 7B fought very hard, at the end of the game it was a tie. After that they went to sudden death and it was up to a free-throw for Whitesboro and they made it and won.  8B did amazing, this is one of there best games yet, the final score was 49-3. They worked very hard and came out with a great victory.


On to the A teams, 7A did the best they could to come out with a won, it was very close but they did not win. The final score was 22-29, they were a very tough team to beat, hopefully they will get them next time. 8A did very well last night, they came out with a strong win. The final score was 32-16, they started doing amazing the 3rd quarter and was making everything. The boys Ponder lions did very well against Whitesboro, with 2 wins and 2 losses. We hope to have a clean sweep against Boyd next week.