7th grade B team game 11/29/21

The game was heated but in the end, it seemed that ponder came out on top. Callisburg played hard but did not play as hard as us. In the end, as coach Tompson said “we had some great full-court layups and clutch free throws.” All the players who did an outstanding job are Kennedy Nicholas and Kaitlyn Luther. but they weren’t the only ones out there it took the whole team to win as coach Tompson says “Everyone played hard and improved.”Another thing coach Tompson said is “All teams needed to improve on blocking out, and must¬†continue to get better at their shooting.”

vs: Callisburg

location: Callisburg high school

final score:30-7

credits to coach Amie Tompson and Kaitlyn Luther for information on the game.

written by: John Brooks