The Ponder 7th grade Junior High Football

Kyra Mahmood, to write

Brock won the toss and deferred, and we took the ball and had a positive 3rd down play! Kanan Clark nearly converted the play into a first down! We got the ball back and executed a few slant plays of our Raider call, and we converted a 4 pop route! Chase Conner beat the Brock cornerback on a UPS route for a long gainer.  Caiden Murphey finished off the drive! defense and some really nice kickoff returns.  Christian Rios played really well and blocked well.  Elijah Todd was in on several tackles.  Caden Murphey, played very well, on defense and offense.  Chris Loyd caught 3 deeper kick returns that really helped give us some good field position.  Tommy Hickman had a couple of nice catches at his X-wide receiver position.  Joshua Hickman did a nice job kicking the ball and playing safety.            The final scored ended up 46-8.