7th Grade Ponder Football Game vs. Whitesboro 7th

Kyra Mahmood

We hosted a 7th junior high football game against Whitesboro junior high.  Ponder started out receiving the ball, after Whitesboro won the toss and deferred to receive the ball the 2nd half.  ponder mishandled the kickoff and ended up starting our first series around the 15-20 yard line. are team tried to punt several times this evening and had different issues, maybe a bad snap, a mishandled snap, or inside pressure where we had a couple of them blocked down around our own 20 yard line. This usually started with not fielding the kickoffs cleanly or catching the ball in the air and let it get past us giving us poor field position following several kickoffs. On Whitesboro’s first drive, they went right down the field and scored.  I had heard their quarterback was really good, from another team that played Whitesboro last week. We got behind their secondary several times with switch go, horizontal switch, the corner route out of the trips right formation for our A wide receiver and 4 zip pop to our Y wide receiver and dropped passes each time.We had one more good drive in the 4th, against Whitesboro’s 2nd defensive unit, and got inside the redzone and didn’t score. Whitesboro’s 7th grade team is the best team we’ve faced, and when you play really good teams, the execution of your offense, defense, and special teams has to be good, but that wasn’t the case this evening.