Lions vs Peaster 7th grade game

It was a very hard fought game,the 7th grade boys did very fanomenal. They played their hearts out till the very end. But in the end we couldn’t pull through. Also one of our best linebackers got hurt this game, it was Devan Morano. He has a fracture in his neck and won’t be able to play for about 4 weeks.  Anyways it was a very rough game we had some ups and downs, some of which was we had one of our QBs get a very good run it was a 30 yard run. The first half was very rough though we had a lot of turnovers in it,we ended up having some realy close encounters with scoreing and almost scored once we were 13 yards off.We also had some really good hits from Chase Connor and Kannon Clark and Deven Morano.Our 7th grade football team played as hard as they could tried their best and did not give up till the game was over.

Final Score was 8-0.


by Mason Sinyard and Chase Connor