Promoting The Bond

Jorin Roberts

Ponder, Texas is a rapidly growing town with a rapidly growing school district. On average, PISD is growing at an annual rate of 5.7%. With all of this growth, our schools are becoming too small for our students. Ponder ISD’s School Board and Administration have called a bond election on May 1, 2021. They are asking 75 million dollars to build a new High School building. With that, the current Junior High will become an Early Learning Center for students K-2nd grade, and the current Elementary School will serve grades 3-5. This leaves today’s High School to become the new Junior High, and the new building to be a brand new High School. This is not the first time there has been a bond election, though. The Ponder ISD School Board and Administration have been attempting to pass this bond for years, but the community has been skeptical. The community’s main concern about the new bond has been taxes. Many people assume that another school building in the district will cause higher taxes, but let me assure you, taxes will not be affected by this new bond. Another concern is space. This should not be a problem, though, because we already have a spot for the new building, with room to spare, which is impressive based on the plans for the new High School. The new building is supposed to be approximately 200,000 square feet, with an initial capacity of 800. It will have a black box theater, bigger choir/band halls, 2 gyms, a storm shelter, an 800 seat auditorium, and more. The Ponder ISD Bond Election is coming up, so you tell me. What’s your choice?