Texas Roadhouse meets Ponder JH U.I.L

Texas Roadhouse meets Ponder JH U.I.L

Kennedy Day

     On April 12, 2021, our U.I.L teams 6th, 7th, and 8th got to go to Texas Roadhouse as a reward for once again winning our U.I.L competition. Mr. Simmons took all the U.I.L kids out and paid for their meals with his own money.  Texas Roadhouse by the Texas Motor Speedway was closed that day, but they did a special opening (not to the public) just for U.I.L. 


Special thanks to- 

Our principal- Mr. Simmons for paying for the meals with his own money 


Texas Roadhouse for opening on that day just for them when they were supposed to be closed the entire day.


Our U.I.L students for being nice and polite to the Roadhouse team.