How to be focused in virtual learning


Amelia Bruton

Staying focused and trying to learn with virtual learning can be difficult, especially at home where you have many distractions. The first thing you should do in an online school is to create a constant sleep schedule. You should establish a constant routine that involves a good night’s sleep each night, a consistent time waking up, and healthy breakfast, and try to do something to wake yourself up like go on a 5-minute walk. The next thing you should do is remove all distractions around you so you can learn easier. If you have a phone, iPad, tablet, switch, etc. try to keep them out of reach from yourself. It’s hard to learn with constant distractions. If you have a desk in your room or if you study somewhere quiet and you have a chair a desk to sit at that would be best. Doing online classes in your bed can be difficult especially if you just woke up. Try to do your online classes at a safe space, somewhere you can lay out all your supplies and be prepared. If you’re having a tough time learning when doing online school try to organize, take notes, and create To-Do lists for yourself. When you do an assignment don’t just try to get done make sure you fully understand it and you actually benefited from it. If you do these things when you go back to school, school could be easier for you than it was before. You should also stay active, try to take breaks when you can, and try to take some outdoor time. Try to plan breaks, for snacks, or to be creative with your mind like drawing or doing something you enjoy. When you’re doing virtual learning it’s very important to try and freshen your mind and stay active. Another very important thing you should do is make sure to discuss with your teacher. Understanding things and learning are difficult with virtual learning so no matter how much you don’t want to try to ask questions and communicate with your online teacher, they are there to help you. I hope that this article can help you whether you have a friend doing online, you’re doing online or planning to. 

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