A Charity You Should Know About

Summer Lane

This charity is called World Central Kitchen. This charity is working across America to safely package and deliver, fresh meals to everyone in communities that need help supporting people who have children and families that they need to worry about they also deliver to seniors who can’t make it outside. So far they have delivered over 30 million meals to more than 400 cities. Their website is called wck.org/chefsforamerica. Go visit the site so that you can donate to people in need of help. This charity is also partnering with restaurants to help them by providing jobs for their staff and meals for those in need. They have made the program to be a lot of places like New York, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Seattle, and Chicago. They’ve worked with more than 2,400 restaurants to serve over 11 million restaurant meals. And they have given more than $117 million dollars directly to restaurant owners. They have a program called Plow to Plate you should go visit it to check it out. This charity is really great.