Eduardo Tovar Carrillo

Boxing a sport many young and older people love mostly cause it’s two people fighting, but it still has its rules still fun though many famous names like Mike Tyson, Canelo Alvarez, Conner Mcgregor, Tyson fury, and one of the most famous boxers Mahommed Ali .boxing is very popular and with almost every sports boxing included get movies about the sport like rocky, southpaw, creed and many more, boxing has many rules such as no holding, kicking, biting and spitting on and many more. some boxing ranks include heavyweight, lightweight, middleweight, welterweight, and many more, there are many sports close to boxing such as MMA, mixed martial arts,kickboxing, and many more. with getting a win or a loss comes a big paycheck, pro boxers get average pay of $35,584 per year, some boxers have children who want to lead on their legacy a good example of that would be Floyd Mayweather and his son Floyd Mayweather jr.boxing is such a good sport and a favorite of mine, this sport has such a rich history with so many good fights and moments.