Ways to stay safe during Halloween


Maia Holt

Since Halloween is coming up this Saturday, we need to stay safe during this time.

Some ways to stay safe during Halloween is to at least try to social distance from house to house but if you’re in a group try to keep it down to a group of 3 or 4 people and stay close together. Wear a mask while trick or treating to help not spread germs to other people also, since it will be dark wear bright colors or have a glowstick or flashlight with you.  If you’re passing out candy this year wear a mask also to prevent from spreading germs, when passing out candy maybe use a scooper to hand the candy out.  Since it will be a little chilly wear a jacket or something warm. Whenever you get home from trick or treating make sure to wash your hands really good, also when you get home check your candy for any holes or anything like that.

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!