8th grade boys track

Shotput and discus- Our boys worked very hard in the throwing events. The three boys who threw the discus worked hard during practice and it paid off. Cashous threw 92’ 9.5 feet, taking 6th place. In shotput, Tucker Tompson took 4th place throwing 37’ 4.5 feet which is really far. If you see these guys make sure to tell them good job.


Pole Vault- In Pole Vault the eighth-grade boys scored a total of thirteen points. With Luke Tipton in second place, Collin Wallace in fourth place, and finally Brock Rouse in fifth place. Luke Tipton vaulted a total height of eight feet. Collin vaulted seven feet and Brock vaulted six feet and six inches. If you see any of these boys, tell them good job.


2400 & 1600- In the 2400, eight grade boys, Colby Murphy placed 6th with a time of 9:39:5. Colby got his track team a total of one point. As for the 1600 we have Timber Crider with a total time of 5:58:00. He got his team four points in total. In the end, they both brought home a ribbon with them. 


Triple jump Kade irons placed 5th place in the triple jump right behind Silva who is from Jacksboro, I think Kade did really good his The distance he jumped was 32 ‘4.


4×100 – The 4×100 boys did very well. They placed in 2nd place with Effrain Cordova, Effren Cordova, Corben Hood, and Jayden Baxter.


4×4- In the 4×4 relay the eight grade boys placed 1st place with the time of 4:08:03. Efren Cordova starting the race and Kade Irons ending the race brought the team to bring home 1st place.  

110m of hurdles- Toby Caudill placed 2nd in the 110m of hurdles. His time clocked in at an amazing 18.21. And in 5th place, we have Luke Tipton. His time was a shocking 19.44.