7 A Boys Basketball Wrap Up


Lizbeth Fernandez, Julissa Cordova, Delaney Jackson, Karem Izaguirre, and Jocelyn Arispe

This year our 7th grade A team placed 1st in district. This season their highest score was the championship game against Whitesboro. With a total of 56 points. Throughout the season all of the boys worked hard to improve their personal skills, and skills as a team. Overall the most improved player is Jayden Villareal. He started off on the B team but gave the coaches great minutes in the District Championship Game. Shawn Taylor was awarded by his teammate Sean Akins and his Coach as the MVP. Shawn Taylor’s average point are 12.1 points per game. Willy Norwood was nominated the defensive MVP also by his coach. As for the most improved Austin VanZuiden was known to be the most improved player. As for their season overall, Sean Akins and Shawn Taylor stated, “our season was really fun whenever the coaches weren’t yelling at us.” One of their season highlights was when Landon Hardin hit 2 free throws at the end of the 1st Whitesboro game to take the lead and the victory.

2019-2020 Roster

Sean Akins- #0

Shawn Taylor- #15

Willy Norwood- #2

Hayden Long- #5

Taylor Weiland- #11

Bryson Smith- #31

Austin VanZuiden- #55

Landon Hardin- #30

Jayden Villarreal- #33