8th grade B team season – Coach Dansby

8th grade B team season - Coach Dansby

Patricia Gallardo and Haley Wood

They ended the season with 6 wins, 1 tie, and 2 losses.

Coach Dansby’s response:

They were a fun group to coach, 7 am practices were very entertaining. Very respectful and energetic team. Probably the most unique team I’ve ever coached. They made a lot of improvement each week. Most improved was Campbell Laney and Ava Larson, they have came a long way. They all have a bright future ahead of them. Dansballers.

B team Players:

~ Julissa Cordova #1

~ Campbell Laney #51

~ Ava Larson #23

~ Kaylah Lockett#12

~ Lily Newbanks #11

~ Kennedy Dejesus #14

~ Kylie Brinkman #35

~ Kylie Otto #54

~ Emily McGregor #55

~ Halie Ramirez #4