The 8th Grade Boys B Team

Josephine Shawver, Emylie Baumann, Kasen Hastings, Kaleb Schindler, and Jayden Villarreal

The 8th grade B team had a fairly good year with seven wins. They fought hard all season coming out with only two losses. Everyone on the team did really well this year. Each person on the team tried their best during every single game that they had. So, in the end, the Ponder 8th Grade B Boys team had a good year and you can tell all of the boys had a great year spending time together and getting to travel to all of their away games. So that’s a wrap up for the 8th Grade Boys B Team. So congrats to all the boys for such an amazing season. Good luck next year!


Meet The Team 

  • Collin Wallace
  • Collin Perryman
  • Cooper Reynolds
  • Luke Johnson
  • Micah Thompson 
  • Kaleb Schindler
  • Carson Garite
  • Kasetine Hicks
  • Riggs Arterberry
  • Colby McNutt
  • Landon LeJeune


  • Hank McClarty 
  • Bryce Hardin


  • Royce Reynolds
  • Bill Long
  • Mitchell Rose
  • Landon Hendrix