Boys District Tournament


Time Winners Bracket Main Gym Losers Bracket Auxiliary Gym
9:00 AM 8th Gunter vs. Ponder 7th Callisburg vs. S&S
10:00 AM 8th Pottsboro vs. Pilot Point 8th Callisburg vs. S&S
11:00 AM 7th Whitesboro vs. Pottsboro 7th Pilot Point vs. S&S
12:00 AM 7th Ponder vs. Gunter 8th Whitesboro vs. S&S
1:00 AM 8th 3rd Place Game 7th Callisburg vs. Pilot Point
2:00 AM 8th Championship 8th Callisburg vs. Whitesboro
3:00 AM 7th Championship 7th 3rd Place Game



$2.00 Students

$3.00 Adults


The team listed first is the home team


6-minute warm-ups before games


Games at Callisburg Gym 

308 Dozier St, Callisburg, TX 76240