January Upcoming Events

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January Upcoming Events

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January 9, 2020

JH Girls Basketball vs. Whitesboro @Ponder JH Gym

JH Boys Basketball @Whitesboro

January 11, 2020

JH Girls Basketball A Team Tournament @Gainsville

JH Boys Basketball A Team Tournament @Sanger

January 13, 2020

JH Boys Basketball A Team @S&S

JH Girls Basketball vs. S&S @Ponder JH Gym

January 20, 2020

JH Girls Bth A teams and only 8B vs. Blum @Ponder JH Gym

January 23, 2020

JH Boys Basketball @Van Alstyne

January 30, 2020

JH Boys Basketball vs. Callisburg @Ponder JH Gym

JH Girls Basketball @Callisburg HS