6th Grade UIL Teams/Coaches

Art, Probst-room 800

Calculator Apps, Hardin-room 807

Chess, Simmons-office

Dictionary Skills, Escamilla-room 804

Editorial Writing, C Ford-office

Impromptu Speaking, Weiland-room 605

Listening, L Smith-room 802

Maps,Graphs, & Charts, Peterson-room 603

Mathematics, Lowe-room 808

Modern Oratory, Loiselle- 809

Music Memory, Reynolds-band hall

Number Sense, Hardin-room 807

OAP, Loiselle-room 809

Oral Reading, Birdwell-room 601

Ready Writing, Tipton-library

Science, Akins-room 121, Laughlin-room 122

Social Studies, Snider-room 605

Spelling, Cooper-room 805

Not all teams have been chosen yet, therefore there is still a chance for you to try out! Be sure to stop by the office if you have any questions. Good luck!!