Love is like a Hot Fudge Sundae

The Drama Class preformed their play, “Love is like a Hot Fudge Sundae” for the students on Tuesday morning. It was their practice performance for their UIL performance on Tuesday December the 5th.



The play was directed by: Riley James Newbanks. The cast were Carson Williams as Mathew Gill, Blake Maitland as Doug Miller, Hank McLarty as Bill, Luke Tipton as Bob Ruckerford, Sophia Vargas as Nicky Andrews, Reagan Stewart as Dana Daniels, Xavi Smith as Suzy, Delaney Jackson as Stacy, Kaelyn McWillams as Katie, And Jo Stehlik.

Additional Students were Emily McGregor, LiLee Newbanks, Katie Hale, Lilly Davis, Philomina Klotz, Payten Maitland.

Lights ans sound was Grace McDaniel and Yaliana Rincon