Girls Basketball Games

Lizbeth Fernandez, Writer

Monday night we started off with the 8th and 7th grade combined B team. They started off amazing and totaled up 18 points. Ending off with a score of 18-1. Following up was the 7th grade A team. As far as the 7th A is concerned.  Coach Vanover noted “we played well.  Our defense looked good and we got to work on some specific stuff as far as rotations go in the second half.” Presley Calhoun was the leading scorer with a total of 23 points.  Most of their points came out of transition. The 7th grade A team ended off with a score of 42-1. Finally was the 8th grade A team. This game was a tough one but they still gave it their all and played hard. The final score of the night was 22-39.