PJH All Region

Lizbeth Fernandez, Writer

This Saturday a few of our PJH students went to compete in an event called All Region Choir competition. All Region is an event where students learn hard pieces of music mostly on their own. In order to learn these pieces of music these students spent many of their lunch periods to improve. Along with having to learn these hard pieces of music you have to perform a blind audition alone that consists of three parts of each piece. In addition you must perform sight reading for a panel of judges. Our choir director Mrs.Lavacek took 8 students and all of them placed, and only 25 placed in total. Students earn a ranking/chair based on their performance. Please be sure to congratulate the following students if you see them in the hallway.


Rachel Boyd, 2nd Chair

Addy Pickering, 4th Chair

Tori Roberts, 13th Chair


Halie Ramirez, 12th Chair


Luke Rowland, 6th Chair

Charles Johnson, 7th Chair


Cashous McDonald, FIRST CHAIR!!

Brannock Sorenson, 13th Chair

Finally, be sure to congratulate their amazing choir director Mrs.Lavacek for making this event possible for them to attend to.