Teacher Spotlight – Mrs. Peterson

Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Peterson

Tucker Thompson and Payten Maitland

This week we had the pleasure of sitting with the one and only Mrs.Peterson. We talked about what it was like to watch her kids grow up in the Ponder School District. She went to a school in Fort Worth while her kids grew up in a small urban town. Her favorite place in Ponder is her backyard where she is able to watch the sun go down, and to have a second to breath. She has worked in Ponder School District for five years being a teacher, as well as five years as a sub so about ten years being associated in the Ponder School District. Her family in Ponder includes her in-laws, which live in the house right behind hers. She really enjoys that Ponder has a program for the youth to play the sports they love, known as pals. We had the honor and pleasure of speaking with Mrs.Peterson about her life and experiences in Ponder and we encourage you to do the same.