8th grade B with another win!

Jocleyn Arispe, Reporter

The eighth grade B team took another win Monday night. It was a tough game, but they won in three sets. Grace Mcdaniel once again benefitted her team by having the most serves. Delaney Jackson had the best play, ” Her expression was priceless.” Coach Vanover says. Kamilah Jimenez had the most saves with her quick DS skills. The player with the most kills is Philomina Klots. We asked Coach Vanover what he thought about the game, he said, “We weren’t very focused in the first set, but once we got it together we played really well.  Serve receive and communication were good. I thought the back row girls did a great job setting up our setters to allow for a lot of good swings and multiple kills.  I feel that we are improving on a nightly basis.”

If you see any of the 7th Grade B team player in hall, be sure and congratulate them on there win.