Teacher Spotlight Mrs. Ford

Tucker Thompson, Payten Maitland, writer's

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Mrs. Ford has been in Ponder for a staggering 25 years and even though she didn’t go to Ponder School District she is one of the most devoted and hard working teachers around. Her  job includes keeping our students in check and maintaining our campus, and without her Ponder Junior High truly just wouldn’t be the same. Her favorite activities include watching her kids play sports and supporting are athletic teams, and she has been to almost every game you can imagine if Ponders playing you can bet your money she’s going to be there cheering them on! She has lots of extended family in ponder including her husbands family (Mr.Ford). She loves that the students can have the opportunity to take college courses and expand their knowledge for college. Her favorite memory is getting the chance to see her kids get the opportunity to play in state championships because when she was younger she nearly made it but last in the regional finals, so getting to see her kids have this great opportunity is truly special for her and it’s something she will cherish that forever. I truly hope that this article helps you get to know Mrs. Ford a little better because in all 13 years working in our school she has always strived to better are futures and brighten our horizons.